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Saturday afternoon with the boys.


Shot with a Pentax LX, 40mm 'Pancake lens'.Probably f8 @ 1/125.HandheldAvailable light.

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I was itching for a game of Cowboys and Indians, but they wouldn,t

let me play.


Taken in the Welsh valleys, 1990's.


The kids were charming as kids in the valleys always seem to be.


Please offer your opinion, or ask a question...


Thanks CB.

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i dont know what david and james' problem is, every kid should have a gun, it makes interesting pictures. just remember guns dont kill people, kids kill people!
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This picture disturbs me, and I wish you'd upload a larger image to study the facial expressions.
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The picture reminds me of my childhood. But, in today's world I feel it somewhat disturbing. Do I also detect some distressed faces in the subjects?

Irregardless, the photo is well thought out and done

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Guest Guest


Hm, that's the second excellent photo of yours I am looking at..Hmmm
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I don't know about you guys out there but when I was a kid (70's) if we didn'y have toy guns to play with we would fashion them out of anything we could get our hands on - sticks - or even bite our bread into a gun shape etc. It is just part of being a boy. This image captures those memories for me quite well, and for that I appreciate it, because now my wife won't let me own anything resembling a bb gun let alone a firearm.
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