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Draped Nude (Polagraph)

Draped Nude (Polagraph)


This was actually Polagraph, not Polapan.. This was shot outdoors on a sunny(-ish) day at about two pm, Nikon F100 with 18-35 WA lens.


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My first experiment with Polagraph film - its a 35mm instant film

made by Polaroid. I thought at first it was too dark, but its sort of

growing on me. I'd welcome comments on this image or the other one in

the folder.

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I like it except for the lower right corner---should be dark. Looks like VERY contrasty film.
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Thanks for the constructive input, ya'll. I have actually gotten a large number of emails about this film, people seem very intrigued by it. So, without further ado: Polagraph... a 35mm b/w slide film, usually sold in any pro-type camera store. Or, you can order from places like B&H or Adorama. There is also another b/w slide film, PolaPan, and some color ones that I have not tried.
You process it yourself using a little hand-cranked machine, and a packet of chemicals that is boxed up with the roll of film. You can pick the auto processor units up on Ebay pretty cheaply, I think I paid about fifteen dollars for mine.

If you do searches on Photo.net with these keywords you'll pull up lots of other info.

My experience with Polagraph is that it sucks up light big time, so use it outside in full sun or with *very* strong studio lighting. With Polagraph you really don't get much grey at all, its pretty much all either black or white. So plan on blown-out highlights. Polapan has more middle tones, although still pretty contrasty in my experience.

Also check out this link, its very helpful...


have fun!
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Again, nice use of light. I love the lower right corner - it gives the impression of petals on water - sort of Ophelia meets the wood nymph. also, I think the draping combined with the highlights on the shoulder and hand create nice seperation from the background. Moody, serene and saturated with mystique - nicely done and thanks for the tip on the film
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The high contrast works well and you've printed it spot on for the skin tones. The composition is interesting - I love the petals / leaves in combination with the draped figure creating a pre-raphaelite, romantic mood. I'm not so sure about the hands which are rather dominant and make the whole thing a bit complicated - you might try it with the hands smaller or the left part cropped off.
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