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I kinda like the symmetry of this shot the three reflections look

like four girls standing in a ring. Check out the styling on this

you'll see how immaculate and appropriate it is I get no credit for

this except for hiring her(ATLANTA)

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This is certainly an interesting shot, I like it a lot. I think it could be improved by increasing the contrast significantly (to give some true white in the imagein particular). I had a play with it myself as you see (obviously very rough ... jpeg effects, etc.) I hope you don't mind (obviously I will not keep a copy).


The composition is very good and I like the choice of colour. (8/6)

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jed thankyou for you comments i welcome all comments positive or negative however i feel that your doctoring of the image i submitted is inappropriate and has gone beyond the remit of this forum and would ask you in the case of my work to refrain from doing so again and would advise you that in my opinion presuming to interpret and doctor the work of others will not be welcomed by many photographers
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Paul, I think your comments are a little harsh. Editting of others' images is a fairly common occurence on photo.net, and it's usually done with the best intentions. Take a look round the rest of the photo critique forum before damning someone's actions, you'll find that their 'sin' is in fact an often welcomed offer of advice and support.

Also, you have to admit, the picture *does* look better with the higher contrast. =0)

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why else would somebody go to the trouble of saving and manipulating and uploading an image - with a comment that is trying to be helpful. It is a common practice on this site and it is merely another perspective of your original vision which you may or may not like to pursue. Please don't take people's good intentions so personally - save that for the idiots that rate low and dont' bother leaving a reason why. Your photo is fantastic - I love the 'ring of girls' and I happen to prefer the softness of your version but only just... the higher contrast version is more dynamic and would have suited the image more had the young lady had direct eye contact or a more aggressive stance. I guess we can fall into the trap of 'more contrast' but you have maintained a lovely pensive mood in this image by keeping it all soft and subtle....IMHO of course. All the best.
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