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this flower was being nicely lit, while the background stayed lo key

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I love the leaves in this shot. Overall it is extremely well done. The one distraction is the small portion of the 2nd flower in the lower part of the frame.


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Yes it will be better if you crop it above the

bottom flower.Excellent light and colors. 7/5.


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Tim, I would crop the top and bottom. I feel there is too much green on top drawing my attention away from the flower. I would try to get closer to the flower to show more detail. I would like to see the lighting more dramatic, but that's just how I like my flowers.
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Cliché subject? maybe. It's only cliché if you've taken a few dozen photographs of this single photograph. However, the angle makes this a very successful and original photograph. good luck and congrats.
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i like it...it is really hard these days to present an outstanding pic of a flower, at least in my opinion...seems like every photographer worth his/her salt has a great flower shot to show...well this is a great flower shot...crop this crop that whatever...i like it...and would be interested to know what you thought of the shots i have in my own "flowers" portfolio..




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