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Apparently my little friend is a little camera shy.Alas, another poor scan from a slide.

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First, I like this one. I agree with Alex. A little more contrast would be nice in the absense of striking colcrs. Depth of field is fine in my opinion. Since the body is not perpendicular to the lense, more DOF would distract from the head and the face of your little friend. Nice shot.
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I like this one best of the three. Don't change a thing! I got the impression that you want to keep these together as a triptych from your comment. This I wouldn't do...the left two are too similar, and the one on the right is not as interesting...so there's no balance (does that make sense?). This single photo will fit in nicely with your nature pics in your other folder. Refreshingly original!
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Thank you all for you comments. Yes, I had intended this to be a three part portrait (a triptych Jill called it). But this was my first attempt at making one, and I don't really know how. What should go into one? BTW, I generally try to get the most DOF I can get with the available lighting and film speed. Since I have to hand hold my 300mm macro lens (approximately 12 inches long) to get these shots, I like to shoot at 1/500th. Of course this would create no DOF with a 100 speed film, so I sometimes try to be REALLY still and use down to 1/125th.
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An amateur's two cents, but I think this type of shot needs to have either just the face of the animal in the frame and the eyes in focus or the entire animal in focus. I do like the composition and subject.
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you stated you use 1/500 with 100 asa film. and shoot with a 300 mm lens, So try 200 asa or 400 asa film..... could make the difference.
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