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© Dr Avinash Kumar Srivastav
Credit Dr Avinash Kumar Srivastav

Lorikeet on Tree

This beautiful Rainbow Lorikeet was spotted on a tree in Pirrama Park at Pyrmont in Sydney, NSW, Australia. Handheld DSLR: Canon 7D-Mark II was used with 300 mm zoom. Focal length: 146 mm; Aperture: f/5.6; Exposure: 1/200 sec; ISO 200.


Dr Avinash Kumar Srivastav


© Dr Avinash Kumar Srivastav

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Hi @drkumarioc,

I very rarely take photos of birds but I'm always interested in those (like you) that do. The Rainbow Lorikeet is indeed a very beautiful bird and you did well to get such a great shot!

You have great equipment (camera + lens) for this photo. And yet the photo is slightly less sharp/detailed than it might be. Don't get me wrong, I know (from personal experience) how difficult it is to take a 'perfect shot' in the seconds before you see a bird and the bird might just flying away. So no criticism at all from me! Any good shot that you can get is always the 'best shot'!

But I still wondered what you possibly could have done (in the moment) to get a slightly sharper photo with more detail.  Maybe you already know this and if so, forgive me for giving a few tips.

  • your exposure time perfectly matches the traditional 'rule of thumb' for exposure time vs. focal length. Though there are others who propose a new 'rule of thumb'.
  • however good your photo turns out, there are often improvements that be made in post-processing;. In this case slightly sharpening the photo and bringing out more details in the eyes, feathers, etc. My personal  'go to' photo sharpener is 'Topaz Sharpener AI'. But there are many other ''photo sharpeners' available.

I really like this photo! So much that I believe that it's worthwhile ''improving' (sharpening) in post-processing. Entirely up to you of course.

Best wishes,


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