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© Hugo C. Romano
Credit Hugo C. Romano

Embraces the Season


The beautiful lady stands tall and poised, dressed in a flowing green dress that seems to mimic the colors of the autumn leaves. Her dress is intricately woven with delicate patterns and is adorned with small jewels that sparkle in the sunlight. She carries a golden stick-like object in her hand, which she holds up high as if reaching out to embrace the autumn season. The stick is decorated with intricate designs that seem to shimmer and glimmer in the light. Her face is serene and beautiful, with high cheekbones and full lips. Her eyes are a deep shade of green, like the leaves that surround her, and they seem to reflect the changing colors of the autumn sky. Her hair is long and flowing, with waves that cascade down her back like a waterfall of golden leaves. As she stands there, the wind picks up, and the leaves around her begin to swirl and dance. She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath, as if breathing in the crisp autumn air. It's as if she is a part of the season itself, a living embodiment of all the beauty and magic that autumn has to offer.


Hugo C. Romano


© Hugo C. Romano
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Countenance art

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