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The challenge - Great white heron - (Egretta alba)

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The challenge - Great white heron - (Egretta alba). I photographed these Great white herons in a symmetrical defiant attitude in the lagoon of Cagliari. Thank you for your comments
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Great collective photo of white herons so well composed with great aesthetic value and technical quality as always, Giangiorgio! Complimenti! Ciao! PDE
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Lovely emotional genre scene, Giangiorgio! Looks like two birds are ready for a confrontation. Curious what the reason is? Food or ...? What happened next? Perfectly done! Bravo! Sincerely, Tatiana
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Thanks, Tatiana for your nice comment and for your interest in the behavior of these herons. It often happen that in an area rich in fishing that involves many birds, as in this case, some more bullying try to drive the others away, sometimes the threat is enough, other times there is a direct confrontation and the loser moves away. Ciao Giangiorgio
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These majestic birds also inhabit my part of the world, Giangiorgio. Your timing in taking this photo was spot on; otherwise we might be viewing a different image. However, I've never witnessed so many herons in one place. This gathering is one of the image's strengths. Also, aside from the two combatants, the rest of the birds are involved in other activities. Finally, I noticed one bird that initially seemed out of place - the one with the black beak. A small bit of contrast, but an effective one. - - My best always, michael - - - Ciao!
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Thank you so much Michael for your visit and for the careful observation of every aspect of the photo, the different bird with the black beak is a little egret, also very frequent in our lagoon, ciao Giangiorgio
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Hi Giangiorgio,


that's a lot of herons; there must be lots of food in the waters of the Cagliari lagoon. I admire the way you have been able to get this composition, because I'm sure the herons didn't cooperate too well with your intent to create a nice image. As always, your lighting is very flattering and your photo is sharp. Kind regards, Vincent

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Beautiful collection. We have Great Egrets, which I believe are the same birds as these pictured here. Superb photo!
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