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Sneaky Dog

Sneaky Dog

Using a Tokina SZ-X. Had camera and lens given to me. I believe this is my 1st roll of film. I am just learning so any comments would be wonderful. I have decided I love photography


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This is my brothers dog Jackson. I basically had to drug him to keep

him still. Well not really... just whistle a lot while taking the

picture. He started to get freaked out and run away after I took

this one. What do you all think?

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Well, since you mention that you're just starting out, you should do something all beginning photographers should do--take a photo class. As a beginner, you will learn more in a class setting learning the fundamentals than you will by just putting your pictures up here. Also visit your local library to read up on the subject as well.


The picture's not bad, just try to focus a little better. I know, the dog wasn't going to lay still very long. Keep practicing and you'll get better at both.

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