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"Pic de la Hutte" at dusk


Tripod used

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With my previous shot posted here titled "Autumn splash", I said

that I encountered 2 seasons in one: autumn at the foot of the Mount

and winter at the top. Standing at 3000 feet, this is the shot I got

at dusk. Actually, I had to spend 2 evenings over there to get the

shot that I wanted. As usual, comments/critiques


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The moon is in full sunlight. The rest of the scene is not in full sunlight; in fact, there is relatively little light. Therefore, it is impossible to have both the moon and the landscape in proper exposure at the same time at this time of day except by blending two exposures (one for the moon, the other for the remainder of the picture). Alternatively, one can cut and paste using a software program. Had the moon been properly exposed in this image, there would have been little left to see. I believe Gilles exposed this perfectly to show us the white on the trees and the fading skylight.
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I totally agree with Stephen's comment...the light level was so low that I choose to expose for the main subject (the landscape) knowing that the 1/2 moon would be overexposed. Besides, the moon is so small in the composition that I felt it wouldn't add anything to the photo if I had exposed it properly. Finally, I don't like to manipulate my photos with software. I just use it to clean my scans (dust/scratch removal) and proper color/contrast/sharpening balance to reflect my slides. Thanks to all for your comments...
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