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Which way did they go?


Two teammates are passing behind the player at the net, both headed in opposite directions. This exposure was an accident. I was surprised when I saw the resulting image.

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(to me)the other girls are distracting because they are partially cut out..no way to crop the one behind but you may be able to crop out the one to the left....i dont "know" that it will make it better but you might try..it is a fine shot as it is..thats why i shoot close up stuff..i'm no good at this
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As a matter of fact it is one girl who moved her arms and the two behind her are only your imagination. Did you actually play volleyball?


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I did and still do play VB. Actually, the player did move her hands. If you look closer you can make out two other figures moving in opposite directions. If you cannot see them, I'm sorry! I was there when I took the photo, I'm positive of the situation as described previously.
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Yes it is better. Consider rotating it a little

before cropping to level the lower edge of the net.

Nice photo. They are waiting for a service ball,

aren't they? Using the pause for some tactics

movements - playing without a ball.6/5. Blago

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It's better to avoid such long exposure time.

If it had been a bit shorter you wouldn't have to convince anyone there are two girls. (Every sign on you negative could be explained as a move of one girl.) And the photo would be much better.

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