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Dandelion Seeds

Dandelion Seeds

35-70mm lens reversed to achieve macro view. Subject was backlit, exposure was 1/250 sec at f/8


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I used an exposure of f/8 at 1/250 sec to achieve this picture. I

was afraid to use a slower shutter speed because the camera was hand-

held. I know the picture appears soft, probably due the numerous out

of focus seeds and the backlighting. This being said, do you think

this exposure works? Why or why not?

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Thanks for the critiques to those who commented. If I find a dandelion with some seeds missing I'll try taking a picture of it. I don't really want to disturb the flowers by plucking seeds myself. Hate to sound corny, but where I grew up, there are a lot of endangered species, so I learned to disturb nothing in nature, even if it is just a dandelion. I appreciate the time everybody took to comment, and good luck in your own photography.
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