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First day with the new wings (first macro)

First day with the new wings (first macro)


Canon A2E and 100 2.8 macro


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This is my first real macro shot. I noticed this newly hatched

butterfly in my yard. It's wings hadn't dried yet. Since it

couldn't fly it just hung there for 15 minutes while I got my shots.

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This is a great effort if this is your first macro shot.


My only comment would be that the out-of-focus flower in the background "touching" the one in focus is somewhat distracting. By moving a little to the left, you might have been able to separate the two flowers in the composition.


Otherwise, great shot!

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This is a beautiful shot. A few comments however:


1) I agree with Lyndon that the "merging" of the two flowers does detract a little bit from the image. Moving slightly to the left would have prevented this merging and would have helped.


2) The grass (?) in the lower left corner also distract slightly.


3) The head of the butterfly seems to be a little soft. Perhaps opening up a litle bit more would have kept this in focus as well. It seems that the majority of the background is far enough away that this increase in DOF wouldn't have brought everything else in focus.


4) I also agree that the placement of the butterfly is better slightly off center.


5) I really like the horizontal framing. You've put just the right amount of space above and below the important elements of the image.


However, overall this is a GREAT photo. You've captured the essential elements and the rest comes with more experience.




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