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Walking by

Ken Ratcliffe

Back alley in Lichfield City

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Hi Ken, I normally feel uncomfortable with photo's taken of people in seemingly homeless situations or apparent distress. But this shows symbolism in a reportage way, crossing on the other side and the sunny side of the street. The woman engrossed in using her phone adds the to two worlds feeling.............BR......GC.
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GC. Many thanks for your visit and your comment which is spot on and perfectly sums up the intended message of this image. Yes two worlds, one light and one dark, pleased you appreciate and commented. Best regards Ken.
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great street shot.. I have seen this many times before! nice that this is frozen in time.. helps us to think what's important.. how we treat our bros. and sisters. good one
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GC's review sums it up for me. Too often, photos of homeless people tend to be exploitive. As he noted, this one doesn't. I only wish the woman on the cell phone would have stopped in front of the homeless man, paused her conversation, and at least said "hello" to him. But, then again, that's a fantasy on my part. Reality isn't like it at all. Ken, my hope is that you submit this and the other two photos of homeless people to one of your local newspapers. - - My best, michael
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Guest Guest


Very fine street shot with a story. The sting of rejection can come in many forms! But then again, photos can lie, and we cannot know for sure if the lady the moment before actually did drop a coin in his hat, right?
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Philip, many thanks for your visit and kind comment. This alley way is a prime route for most shoppers which this guy chooses every weekend and must prove rewarding for his efforts. Best regards Ken.
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