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© © Javier SALMONES

© Javier SALMONES (Spain)




© © Javier SALMONES

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I'm starting to look forward to seeing your pictures here because you have a very clever eye for graphic design elements. Your pictures show a distinctive, almost signature style, which is every photographer's dream achievement. This one has some neat things going on. Unfortunately, I don't think there's enough of a strong subject, other than the central structure. The lighting is pretty dull, too. If this was taken with early morning or late afternoon sun, and if there was, say, a person in an interesting position, it would liven it up for me a lot.


Keep working on these photographs and posting them. You have some real talent.



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Javier que usted logra encontrar algo de interés artístico en casi todo que usted ve. Esto es opportunism brillante que trabaja - otra vez yo debo decir usted tiene el coraje magnífico para demostrar tales trabajo; otra vez yo debo decir debo trabajar en mi coraje para tomar y demostrar los panoramas extraordinarios del diario. Las marcas otra vez primeras. Otra vez, gracias.


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I should have known... When I saw this, I thought of two photographers that do such interesting graphic work with lines and shadows. Opened it and saw your name - You have a distinct eye and style. Terrific... the way this one grabs your eye forward into the vertical line and up.... Almost feels like I'm moving... Great shot
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