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Sailboat and horizon

Sailboat and horizon


Canon 100-300 5.6L lens


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I really like this shot. There's another one like it in the same

folder with a bit of land and the boat tacking with billowed sails

but I find this composition pleasing as well. It looks flat. The

sails are flat the boat is parallel with the film plane (or close

enough) which appeals to me. I haven't quiet mastered black and

white scanning on my film scanner yet so this looks a bit grainier

and not as sharp as the neg. Please let me know what you think. It

seems that my tastes are completely different than others. :)

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I like the idea that you're trying to show with this picture, BUT the contrast (or lack thereof) bothers me a bit. I've looked at your other images, so I know that you've taken shots with great contrast, but this seems to be too many shades of grey (and no true black or true white), which to me sort of spoils a *black and white* image. I do like the feeling of solitude and tranquility I get from looking at this image, but I really think that having sharper contrast would make the boat stand out more against the mass of water.

-Jessica J.

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Guest Guest


Yep, I'm with Jessica - while the composition is good, it seems to need a little more contrast - something like what is attached...

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I just checked the historgrams of both images and they do indeed have "black" in them. This one doesn't have much but it does have some. Thanks for taking the time to adjust the contrast for me.


In the other one if I bump up the contrast more I lose the detail in the grass and the reeds wich I didn't like. I'll try it again and see.





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