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Far and Away


Salton Sea, Southern CA, Kodak DC280 Digital.

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Salton Sea, Southern CA, Kodak DC280 Digital.


You can see the original exposure here:




Most of the changes were created using the dodge and burn brush. I

burned out the sky leaving the clouds, and also dodged the clouds

themselves so they would become brighter. Then I burned totally all

of the detals on the side of the "house", and burned the

water a little. I dodged the sand, to make it a little brighter.

Then I burned the shadows on the sand. The "Fog" on the

horizon line is just a part of the background clouds/haze which I

didn't burn, but left as it was.

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I must say, you have photoshopped this pic to death. My humble advice is to go back to the start and think of how you can take the straight shot in a more interesting way (lighting, composition) and then possibly "enhance" it in photoshop or at least take your time and really plan it out.
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Very special work. Really, photoshop issue doesn't matter for me in this case. It

takes the viewer to another world.

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This photograph does what I look for in an image. Draws me in, doesn't give me everything at once, leaves me in question, and it's beautiful.
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