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Ancient markings (click to see large image)

Ancient markings (click to see large image)


Exposure Date: 2012:09:20 10:31:51;
Make: Leica Camera AG;
Model: M8 Digital Camera;
ExposureTime: 1/250 s;
ISOSpeedRatings: 160;
ExposureProgram: Manual;
MeteringMode: CenterWeightedAverage;
Flash: 8;
FocalLength: 0 mm;
Software: Adobe Photoshop Elements 9.0 Macintosh;


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The ancient markings were uncovered during the demolition of this old

house when the outer planks had been removed. They are each different

and represent a traditional way that the timber framer assembled his

beautiful dovetail joints in the right order.


Like old graffiti they create a memory of place and lost traditions. Your

comments are appreciated

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Thank you Gregory and Verena. Timber framer symbols are intriguing, and necessary, as most of their work, including roof framing, was carried out and tested at ground level before mounting.

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I love pictures like this that are not only visually interesting but that are also a kind of riddle to be puzzled over - and delightfully so - by those who take the time to study them. They reveal to the thoughtful process of building before such things were largely relegated to computers, pre-fab factories and cookie cutter construction. The old ways of making things by hand has largely disappeared in this time of mass consumption. It doesn't fit in with modern economics unless you're rich enough to afford. But at least we can appreciate the work of those master carpenters in pictures such as this.
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Jack, thank you for your comments, which I share completely. Sometimes hand techniques can be employed at fairly low cost, but it is true that such perfection as this would require a good construction budget. On the other hand, with autocad designing and digital machinery it would not be impossible to form these pieces quite economically if needed in good quantities. Not the same as craft assembly or current forms of balloon framing (two by fours and cladding) but the old type structures are remarkably strong and durable, which is not something I can say about a suburban bungalow I once inhabited with my parents. 

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