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Syrphid Fly In Flight

charles chien

Canon D30 with Soligor 135 f3.5 t-mount lens on bellows.

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Some tell me it is a bee, and some a fly. I thought it was a bee, but

I am not sure now.


I intended to close down the aperture to get more depth, and had the

bee/fly lighted only with the flash. Unfortunately, it all happened

so fast and had the lens wide opened

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It is indeed a fly. To be more specific it is a syrphid fly (family syrphidae). This family typically looks like a bee or wasp. Nice job nailing the eyes in focus. A little more depth of field would have been nice but overall a really nice job on a tough shot.
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The motion captured in the wings in this image make me feel as if i can hear the fly buzz. Excellent job capturing the movement of the fly in flight while maintaining clear and focused eyes.
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