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Wild REdtail Hawk


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I like the light coming in from one side, and the features are crystal clear - except the beak. Had you been able to get a slight angle with the bird facing a tad to the left, I think it would really improve it. Nevertheless a great shot.
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Well, yes, of course... the black diagonal lines at the back are a disturbance, but I guess that's just the scanning... Why not rotate it in PS by 2 or 3 degrees, so that we can truly appreciate this great " portrait " ?!...
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Bob S. ---this was indeed a wild hawk. He attacked one of my falconry hawks as she sat on her outdoor yard perch being sunned. They caught each other, neither wanting to release their hold and I simply took a falconer's glove and caught this one. Photographed it, force fed it, and released him, ---somewhat wiser I hope about captive falconry birds being weathered on sunlit perches outside.
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