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'The Refugees'


Artist: JOHN CROSLEY, Copyright: © 2014 John Crosley/Crosley Trust, All rights reserved, No reproduction or other use without express prior written permission from copyright holder;Software: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 (Windows);


© © 2014 John Crosley/Crosley Trust, All rights reserved, No reproduction or other use without express prior written permission fromn copyright holder

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Perhaps this is really a refugee family, if the shot is taken at the railway station. Because one of centers for refugees created at the railway station.

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I have been debating for some time with myself if they are Romany and traveling or 'refugees' or better, 'displaced persons' from the fighting and your post helps me in my deliberations.


I came to the conclusion they were 'displaced persons akin to war refugees, but had not crossed national boundaries so were not actually refugees in the strictest sense of the word.  


The small size of man and woman might otherwise qualify them as Romany, as might the woman's oversize hoop earring, but other than that, and large, young family size, there is little evidence of Romany affiliation -- especially the woman wears no head scarf, which is almost de rigueur among Romany women.


The family is close knit and traveling together (with another, in which the woman/wife? is blonde with features are more Northern European 'white' than this woman's and her husband, but you can't see that, so can't include that in your reasoning other than to read what I write about the other woman's features.


The two boys are not dark or very dark haired, but almost all Romany have very dark hair.  That militates against the family being Romany.


And they are at the Central train station, within steps of the main entrance, tired, indicating a substantial or long, tiring journey just completed (those leaving do not park themselves there -- they rest elsewhere).


And, as you now note, there is a resettlement center at the train station -- something they might not have known the presence of that moment but soon would have found out, as they were there a short time before this photo, then disappeared soon after.


I now believe with some substantial certainty they were displaced by the fighting, and even if they were poor or had nothing when they left, they were unsafe and had to leave for a safer place.


I met a young woman from Donetsk the other day (Saturday) who had fled Donetsk five days previously - she told me that certainly not everyone (including Russian speakers) in Donetsk were separatists, but that separatists were driving politics, and Donetsk presently was a very dangerous place.  


She and her boyfriend of five or six years had fled to Kyiv for work; they were students in Donetsk, but family remained behind.


Interestingly, they took the train between the two cities.  Train service continues -- however illogical that sounds.


I hope she will contact me to feed me additional information, as she seemed quite reliable in reporting info, and has a network of friends and family in Donetsk.


Best to you Svetlana.


Thanks for your report.




John (Crosley)



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My remark about 'the champion in analysing' was a compliment. That after not being able in especially saying that after some comments I recently did receive. Naming you would have ment a reaction on all individual comments. Not a part of the game then. :) Yes, not native English speaking or reading English books can cause trouble, however reading your reaction here I dare to guess you already did got it. ;)

Yes, analysing & inspiring stuff as often written down here is important. So are straight and short comments in motivating different shooters. Myself I will continue that. I also like the history of moments going on before an image got born. John is a master in that, and the idea of his book is a great one. However, seen my age and different reasons I will minimize reaction on talk about forinstance 'blue' if forinstance three car owners cq photograpers have shot a blue car all three themselves. Born out of enthousiasm all talk is OK. In unconsiously getting persons 'positioned' it is worse. My dad, a real born artist, hardly did discus. Essenses aren't to explain when people have different talents. It's all about seeing or simply not seeing. For musicians hearing etc. In not hurting someone, forinstance a collega, father had a good solution: 'In it's sort it is good, but the sort isn't.' Getting older (at least outwardly) I do resemble him, is said. :)

I like our different characters and also our unspoken similarities very much. I'm glad having found this site, so you..!      

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