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'GGF Shoes?'


Artist: © JOHN CROSLEY TRUST, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED; Copyright: © John Crosley/Crosley Trust, All rights reserved, No reproduction or other use without express prior written permission from copyright holder;Software: Adobe Photoshop CC (Windows)


© © 2014 John Crosley, All rights reserved, No reproduction or other use without express prior written permission from copyright holder

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It's middle to late on a Saturday night, the young woman stands waiting

in front of a busy, fast food restaurant waiting, apparently for her date.

She sports an obviously very expensive and very stylish pair of shoes,

that to the eye have never been worn before; the bottoms (when raised

once) show no wear at all - and are to the eye straight from the shoe

store showroom and probably right from the box, probably with one

special guy in mind. For that, she appears to be waiting. Time

observing proves the photographer correct. Your ratings, critiques and

observations are invited and most welcome. If you rate harshly, very

critically, or wish to make a remark, please submit a helpful and

constructive comment; please share your photographic knowledge to

help improve my photography. Thanks! Enjoy! john

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If you don't know what the caption means, don't ask.  


No  explanation will be forthcoming, but I note this is an adult site, and children are not permitted without a parental or adult escort (and besides they probably know what the caption means even if the parent doesn't).


Most kids aren't stupid, (unless they're home schooled and only book learned).






John (Crosley)

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Shutter speed 1/13th second.


Lens length in mm:  116.


(hardly ideal conditions with ISO at MAX for reproduction: ISO 3200)




John (Crosley)

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Write me a brief note on my e-mail and explain please; that one eludes me.






John (Crosley)

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From my vast storehouse of knowledge and a little help from Google.com, I find that GFE stands for 'Girl Friend Experience' which is a description of the service a prostitute gives when she is not just giving prostitution services precisely, but also acts in a more friendly and familiar manner, perhaps with some personality and some genuine (or perhaps well faked) interest in her customer.


And a little searching finds that it is something male customers seem to treasure or at least prostitution sites seem to advertise it -- perhaps as saying the particular girl is 'not hardened' from overuse or just enjoys her work/job and perhaps has an outgoing personality and likes people in general.


Is that what you had in mind?


I assure you, this college age girl, standing in front of a fast food restaurant near Ukraine's top university, had none of the signs of trappings of being a prostitute  . . . such a woman would have had 'security' or a 'driver' somewhere nearby if she were able to afford such expensive (yes they're very expensive for that part of the world) shoes, and were catering to a clientele who could pay for a woman who dressed thusly.


Also, having viewed the 'independent prostitution' price pages which I do regularly to gauge the effects of the economy, I find that prices are uniformly and surprisingly very low, low, low, and across the board, with NO ONE girl, no matter how beautiful, holding out for a top price with 50 Euros (discounted if paying in local currency which anyone from Ukraine would do, not a rich foreign tourist), being about the general price, compared to two and three times that a year ago.  Lower prices can be had, I suppose, based on 'exchange rate differences' but the site forbids prices lower than 40 Euros.


There's no telling whether the women depicted are the actual service providers, but some are incredibly beautiful - however, buyer beware, some of the photos have been there for years, and some are quite professional, indicating they might have been 'lifted' from some 'girly' photographer's site or a web site.  I have met women who have posed for pay, suspecting their photos would be used for the use of women who would use them for such purposes and to hide their true looks, perhaps to avoid USA immigration identification in case they snagged a US fiance as US law forbids expressly ANY WOMAN WHO SINCE AGE 18 HAS ENGAGED IN PROSTITUTION, EVEN IF SHE DID SO LEGALLY IN THE USA, as one French-born non-naturalized prostitute in a Nevada brothel found out ruefully, and over the objections of her Nevada patrons before she was deported for 'prostitution' as an alien, even though it's quite legal in that part of Nevada (or at least 'not illegal').  (There's a subtle difference.)


GFE may stand for something else in your mind, but I'm quite sure, having observed this woman/girl, she's not in the profession.


So, tell me what GFE means to you, and if not Girl Friend Experience, write me if you don't think it should be on Photo.net (be conservative please).




John (Crosley)

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Your vast amount of experience?? Well from my vast amount of experience "GGF" is an acronym for "Go Get Fucked" which in America is the same as saying "Fuck You".


Is that the title you have in mind?


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I see you are not in touch with the young female American vernacular.


Go ask a young American woman, or perhaps a young English speaking woman in your country familiar with current American English vernacular, but first be sure you are sufficiently close to them and familiar with them, and as a precaution, excuse yourself beforehand,  in case they might be offended, as the term is more 'liberal,' and might not be popular among Conservative Christians, Mormons, probably Orthodox Jewish women, and probably almost all young Palestinian women.  


Say this term to those at your peril.


Especially in the Middle East where you live.



Put it this way, if the young woman's religion doesn't allow dancing or demands 'modesty,' defines almost everything as a 'vice' and 'forbidden to women' that might be fun or interesting (while men can do it, especially in Dubai, Abu Dabai or London), the young woman is the wrong person to ask what 'GGF shoes' are.


But for the record, you're wrong.


You're just plain wrong.


You seem to have failed to consider the context, which you have all wrong; such nice shoes do not say to others including the target mail audience (the objects of such bait) what you seem to say they say, but instead they say something else.  In fact 'GGF' says it precisely, and often elicits a smile -- it's the perfect shorthand term for a much more complex idea.


And when said by someone my age knowingly to a young woman in English (with a smile or twinkle), on date or club night, the reference often brings knowing smiles when I mention the term.


I sometimes use the expression in referring to a woman's preparations for a date, asking her if she has her 'GGF' shoes picked out, or if the date is not that serious, and apart from the astonishment that someone my age KNOWS that term, uses it correctly, knowingly, in context, and understandingly, my casual insertion of that vernacular phrase into conversation often makes me instant friends with certain young women (after the initial GASP! and 'How did you know THAT?')


Get with the times, Meir.


I will NOT write out the term here, if you  want it written out, e-mail me.  I'm not gonna put it on PN.




John (Crosley)







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I did as you suggested John. I stopped a young girl on the street and asked her what is meaning of "GGF"? She stared me straight in the eye and said "fuck you" and walked away.


So you see I am right.

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As for the title context GGF Shoes", GGF Shoes are sold out of Beirut but I've never been to Beirut obviously, because I am still among the living.

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You just did NOT have rapport with the young women you claim you asked.

I can get such rapport and easily so.


You simply are NOT right.


Your claimed meaning is wrong.


And if they sell shoes of that name in Beirut, it's tribute to the popularity of that name and how it's entered the lexicon, like the female tops that bore the words 'FCUK', which startled, and were featured even in Macy's.  A friend has such a top, and since she speaks primarily Russian and Ukrainian with some English, doesn't realize the 'play' on the 'word' it almost spells.


In any case, nice try, but no cigar.


The young woman probably thought you were an old pervert or creep; I try to avoid such things and am almost always successful.  I size up those I talk to; obviously you didn't.


People often will tell me things they wouldn't tell their confessor or closest person.  I have that gift, and that's often how I can get so close in my photos as well and stay alive.




John (Crosley)

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Your Ukrainian friend (if she existed) is mentally challenged.  F... is universal. Any 10 year in just about any place in the world could guess the meaning of FCUK.


In some households F... is the first word uttered by a 2 year old.


GGF is another story. Neither Jim nor I know its meaning (and we are not mentally challenged and we've been around the block a few times), so it is not in the "popular lexicon" category and therefore not a good photo title.


Our conversation is reaching category 5! :-)


Pardon the emoticon. 

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Don't mix the caption, Meir, about 'GGF shoes' and what it means in relationship to this photo, as I am sure young women American viewers already know, and the story I wrote above about my Ukrainian friend who bought the shirt that said FCUK on it, not really realizing how offensive it might be to some Americans.


Those are two different things, and the second was meant as an example of how some people not familiar with vernacular can be blind to things others are completely familiar with.  Yes, I am aware of that word, though I was not age two when I found out and was considerably older, as there was NO cursing in my household as I grew up, though my father was blue collar and I am sure cursing was minute-by-minute occurrence at his job -- he just had a rule - no cursing in front of the family, and personally I never heard him curse -- and he was NOT religious at all, though brought up by a very religious mother (he quietly and never announcing it at all, just foresook religion right up until his death, a painful death he never deserved -- the pain that is.)


I'm sorry to disappoint you, but your cursing in print gets you no closer to a solution than if you didn't, and your insistence first that this caption was an offensive curse was offensive in itself - and not consistent with the photo or its clear intent at all.


Perhaps you have an 'issue' with wanting to curse?


I don't.


All the words have their place(s), and I try to use them properly and in proper measure.




John (Crosley)

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Through your suggestion, you turned something kind of cute, clever, and a little ribald, as well as sort of a US young woman's 'inside joke (not completely contained any longer), into your interpretation, which was coarse, crude, vulgar, and offensive, AND as is your usual wont, and although you were quite wrong, you insisted on spelling out your vulgarity, apparently not thinking how your interpretation, and that vulgarity was completely at odds with any message that might reasonably (even from me) be construed from the photo.


Your attempt was to try to turn something 'inside' and somewhat 'lighthearted' into vulgar nastiness completely at odds with the story of the photo, and thus unjustified, except possibly to put into print a coarse vernacular word you like to use a lot in comments here.


Words have meanings, and even coarse, vulgar words have proper places, but the suggestion you made was either unthinking or just plain perverse.  It didn't belong, and you're too smart not to have realized that.


Sir, have you no decency?




John (Crosley)

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I asked 4 American  girls via email and they had no idea what GGF shoes are and three concluded (including a granddaughter) that my interpretation of the acronym was the only thing GGF could mean.


However, I did not mean to  hurt your feelings and for that I apologize. 


I thought we were having a little back and forth fun as always.

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I respect your correspondents' views, as expressed to you.


But you are an older person they may not want to 'own up' to.


Or the idea I have in mind may just be a regionalism, and I had not known that.


Live and learn.


In any case, it's real; I've used it with young women and got smiles in return -- knowing smiles, and started conversations with that as a topic.


Slang being what it is, it's possible it's even dropped out of 'popular' or even 'with it' lexicon' in the few short months since I last heard it used.


It's a little obscure, but believe me, it's kinda cute and a truncated expression of a more complex idea.    And my e-mail does work, as you know.




John (Crosley)

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