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This photo is of my sister Claire, my favorite subject. This photo was a birthday present for my mother. The shadow on her face is a little dark but I believe it makes the photo more dramatic.


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Nice photo! The left side of your sister is a bit too dark (especially the face) - a bit of fill-flash would have helped to even out the lighting.
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This is a beautiful picture. Yes, the shadow is a little dark, but I agree that it's ok. I am no pro, but I would not have used fill flash in this circumstance! Or if so at a 1:4 or 1:8 ratio or so and off-camera. A reflector on the left side of the face would have been enough to bring the shadow tone up a little bit. But alas, you can always pick a photo apart after you've taken it. Very nice job, lovely subject, I'm sure your mom loved it.
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It's a very nice picture. I personally think that fill flash would completely ruin this picture, because the light from a flash would be too harsh and also ruin the whole shadow effect of the light through the window. You just need to provide a bit more light to soften the shadow. Therefore, the solution is to use a white reflector to illuminate the right side of your sister's face (i.e. your left).
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This is a picture I took of my sister I put a dark shadow on her face

to make it more dramatic and old-fashioned looking. Please let me

know what you think.

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I think the shadow is fine. It's wonderful lighting. I do feel like Claire is a little too far to the left, I think off center is good, but perhaps seeing a little more of the hat would work better. Nice work! Thanks for sharing it with us.
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The lighting in this photo is nice, but could be better. I didn't like the deep shadows on the face. I would try moving the subject back from the window a step and have the subject face more toward the window. It appears the white dress and the edges of the hat are a bit too bright. I also found the dark strip of curtain to the right to be distracting. A tighter composition of the subject would have been better. I would also include more of the dark tones of the background in this picture so there would be a contrast of light and dark. This would have enhanced the picture and make it a great portrait.
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The girl in the photo looks angry, maybe she was made to wear the dress and hat she didnt like and the moment was captured on film while she was sulking and looked at her elder sister in dissaproval. I think its a really charming picture and something one can reflect for years to come. A nice photo.
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