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Drunk.  Greenwich Village.

Drunk. Greenwich Village.


I had to do a lot of manipulation with the man's clothes and the bottle. The hardest part of taking this photo was the change in the gentleman's personality. I never take anyone's photo without permission. As we talked this gentleman turned from benevolent to angry. He said, "Sometimes people take your picture and it ends up in a newspaper and someone recognizes you and you end up in jail." That's when I thanked him and said goodnight.


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I always ask permission whenever I take photos. I asked this

gentleman permission and he said to go ahead. I don't think I've

ever seen anyone so drunk standing up. Shortly after he agreed, he

became irritated. He told me that the problem with people taking his

picture was that you never know if it's going to show up in a

newspaper and someone might then recognize "you" and realize that you

had a committed a crime. That made me nervous. I gave him a few

dollars for his time and said goodnight. Violet

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Nice pic. Heh, never mind the newspaper... I wonder what he'd say if he knew his state of inebriation is on show to the world on the internet. ;)
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