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Ship in sand


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Here you have a shot taken with my friendly Ricoh GR-1 (28 mm) and

Neopan 1600 in a cloudy day in Bretagne. What do you think of the

composition? (the different greys in sand, the foreground vs. the

ship in second term and the bridge in the background).


What are your ideas to improve the shot? Do it moves you?


Thank you for your comments

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I like the composition as well. I know you wanted the good depth of field that the wide angle provided, but I think it would be interesting to compare a shot taken from a bit further back with a longer lens to make the boat a little bit larger in relation to the foreground object. And it is a hair flat, but you couldn't help that because of the cloudy day. You might have developed just a bit longer to increase the contrast just a bit. But all in all a very nice photograph. Kevin
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