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Cave Horizontal

Cave Horizontal

zhengs photos

6x9 format, 100mm standard lense. Exposed at f/4 for 2 seconds. Kodak TMax-100 negative developed in Kodak Xtol(1:1). Printed on Ilford MG IV RC paper.


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This is a very exciting photo to look at and lots of people share the

same view. Actually when you were there really looking at the narrow

opening in the canyon, it was not that interesing. But it turned out

wonder. I think the most interesting thing is the texture and feel of

the rock face due to its unique lighting condition. And also the

couple of plants backlit by the sunlight add some life into this

otherwise very dry and lifeless place.


I remembered spotmetering the darker part of the rock face where I

want some detail and put it on zone 2. I used f/4 which is not

perfect to get everything sharp. But the softness suggests the strong

sunlight, which is not too bad or even enhancing this picture. So it

will be a sweet "mistake".

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