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Trombone player


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I like it as it is. I'm trying to do stuff like this in low light (e.g. this pic), and getting something sharp along with a sense of movement and life is tricky. I rather like your saxophone shot, too.
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Must agree with Dave that you should have got the whole of the trombone in the shot. Disagree with the cropping suggestion. Overall, a great ambience created. Mark.
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Interesting shot. I think you could do a lot with it and have a lot of fun, particularly if this is a local joint. Oh, and that's a trombone, not a trumpet. I play trombone, how could you confuse it? :)
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Alen, this is a great shot. I was inspired to look at this because of your POW, and this is my favorite of the lot. I think the composition is excellent. Including the whole trombone would, in my mind, make the shot too static, too - dare I say - normal. I think the background adds to a feeling of atmosphere and you've captured a peak moment of the performer. In other words, hard to find a negative here about the shot (though it might be worth cleaning up the right side of the scan). Enjoy - MG
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this is an absolutely amazing shot.... the expression in the player's face speaks volumes while at the same time being very subtle.... i'm glad this was done in b&w and i also love the outline of light surrounding the body's frame.... well done!


on another note.... i would just like to say that i sincerely adore this website.... i found this wonderful piece of work (and have added Alen to my "interesting" people list) simply by viewing the comments on the current POW (of the lovely lady with her legs out the car window).... anyway, as i was viewing the comments i came across one of particular intrigue and decided to view his portfolio (Marshall), only to find out he didn't yet have any uploaded photos :-( ....however i decided to see what his taste was like and so i viewed a photo he had rated and said he enjoyed alot.... well, i agree and this shot here is the one in discussion.... bravo and kudos to photo.net for an excellent linked database, and for helping photographers to share such splendid visions with the rest of the world :-)

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