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Tybee Lighthouse Tybee Island, GA

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Highlights look overexposed; you can see the glare from the white section on the left side of the tower bleeding over into the black areas. You can tell it was taken in direct sunlight, since the bleed is not omnipresent, just on the surface directly reflecting sunlight and its heat. Houses to the lower right have a lot of reflectance as well. Suggest reshooting on a cloudy day when the buildings will be more evenly lit and heated.


Your photos are good, some even excellent, but it irritates me to see them reposted in bulk to the critique forum. I have no problem with reposting a few shots at a time if you seek more critiques, but reposting as many at a time as you just did floods the forum and leands to others being overlooked. Suggest seeking additional comments in an alternative forum, such as Qiang Li's photocritique.net, rather than bulk reposts here.

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Wow, I think this is the best use of infrared film I've seen. Congradulations on a terrific result from a temperamental medium. If you have any insight about infrared film to share, please do.
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Definately more interesting than a typical lighthouse. A few sugestions: shoot on a day when there is more definition between clouds and sky (infrared darkens the sky creating more dramatic contrast betwee white clouds and dark sky) Also try shooting a lighthouse where there is more greenery (I love the look of white shrubs and trees and also this would contrast with the dark stipes on the lighthouse) Maybe try shooting so that the water water is also in the picture as that can also create good infrared affect. Not to be critical- i do like the picture; just giving you more ideas to try/experiment with. let me know what you think. Jennifer (jennifertesta@yahoo.com)
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