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View of Mt Rainier and some hikers



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I like the powerful feeling from this shot. With the hikers against the mountain, I get a feeling of a huge mountain against how small we are in this world. Great shot!
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I would NOT crop to put them in the center!

If I were to crop the photo, I might

consider cropping off a bit of the right

and the foreground, to put the hikers

right in the corner. There's a dark

line in the mountain that leads from the

summit down to the hikers, and to my eye,

it's visually pleasing if the extension of

that diagonal line leads straight to the

corner of the frame.

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Thanks for the comments!


Richard, I see your point about the dark diagonal line. I wouldn't mind the hikers being to the side except for the fact that they are walking to the right. If they had been walking the other way it would have been just fine.


But after thinking it over, I have to agree that cropping on the left simply massacres the picture.


Thanks again,



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