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© Javier Salmones
MADRID -(Spain)
© © Javier SALMONES

© Javier Salmones MADRID -(Spain)


Non manipulated.


© © Javier SALMONES


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Man, I love your stuff. I am going to Spain in three weeks, and I'm tempted to look you up. You definately know how to recognize interesting lines and capture them in a way that makes the viewer hit the breaks. Keep burning film. And let me know if you have any tips for what to see in Andalucia.



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Extraño, usted dispara del nivel del suelo y mas el sentir del onlooker es uno de acrophobia - como si ellos miren hacia abajo de en alto. ¡Otra vez su ojo lo dirige para hacer esto en punto del captura! Otra imagen magnífica, Javier, Gracias.


Strange, you're shooting from ground level (one presumes) and yet the feeling of the onlooker is one of acrophobia - as if they are looking down from on high. Again your eye leads you to do this at point of capture! Another great image, Javier, thanks.

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Try another momment and/or another film trying to get more color rendition.


The composition (just my opinion) isn't "clear" enough. It's disturbing.


Javier, it's just my opinion.

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Oh Javier.... it's my comment.... Didn't you asked for comments? Why don't you just try to think on it? Don't try to send back the same comment to me... Oh.... You do not like critics. You do love congratulations.....
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Gustavo, to all the congratulations they please us. I thank that Vd, has thrown in lack my answer, it means that of some way worries about my job. Said this, should add that this photograph to the one that you refers, has been rewarded internationally in many occasions and because of it, they follow me pleasing the congratulations. His interest and I annoy for my silence to his comment, is one more congratulations than I thank and the more be annoyed, more I will be recognized by his fidelity to my various styles and presence in Photo.net. By and-mail, I will give it the opportune explanations, as I am used to doing with comments that little ó swims they have to see with the message of the photograph exposed. It would please me to follow counting on its opinion, to change possibly, congratulate it for some of its photographs. Thanks again Mr. Lodi. Javier Salmones.



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