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Sand dunes near Bruneau Idaho always evaded me from getting wonderfulclouds, even if the conditions were right there was always a gust ofwind that would move either all of them away or completely cover theskies. I have managed to take some decent landscape sots still with amore than a dozen trips I have made so far.


But there was always a secret side of these dunes that always wasafter. Look for those tiny beetles running, little footmarks made bythe rabbits or hare. Some marks from coyotes and other from thepronghorns. I would spend hours looking for such wonderful life signsthat otherwise looks dead during the day.


This image was taken during the morning hour. Early morning lightbrought the waves on the dunes and the some bird and the beetlescrisscrossed. Its those bird marks breaking the pattern diagonallybrought the inspiration for taking picture.


Hope you like what our Mother earth offers you and my attempt to bringit to you.


Thanks for your sincere comments.




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In to the Favorites folder it goes.  Without hyperbole, this to me is one of the great intimate landscapes that I've seen.  The soft yet directional lighting on the sand is just the right amount to bring out the details of both the tracks and the undulations on the sand, and it gives just the hint of a rosy blush on the otherwise bluish monochrome.  Form-wise, you've got the tiny tracks that perfectly outline two of the southwest/northeast diagonal sweeps in the sand, all of which serves to complement the northwest/southeast movement of the larger bird tracks.  Sharpness is perfect, the mild vignetting at the corners is perfect, everything.  I cannot think of a single thing I'd do differently except to gnash my teeth that this image wasn't mine :-)

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Thanks all! John, great critique, apart from one photographer can think, it gives a great insight of what wonderful feelings can another photographer have about it. Thanks very much for sharing. I really appreciate such comments, that keeps each other going and exploring ourselves in the landscape we live around.



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