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Central Park, New York
© contact me before considering publication

Central Park, New York

mark houtzager

Mamiya 7, 43 mm lens, no filters, HP5+ / 320 ASA, PMK 15 min at 20C/68F, Polaroid 120 Sprintscan, sharpened


© contact me before considering publication


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Having read so many enthousiastic reports on Pyro developer on photo.net, I

decided to give it a try in a really difficult lighting situation. This is a HP5+

negative, 6x7 cm, rated 320 ASA, 15 min in PMK at 68F, near-continuous


This film/developer combi does well with the harsh backlight, there is still

some structure in the icefield and the shadows are not blocked. This also

demonstrates the exceptional quality of the Mamiya 7 / 43mm.

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