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Herald Square, Manhattan
© contact me before considering publication

Herald Square, Manhattan

mark houtzager

Mamiya 7, 43 mm lens, no filters, HP5+ / 320 ASA, PMK 15 min at 20C/68F, Polaroid 120 Sprintscan, sharpened


© contact me before considering publication


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Having read so many enthousiastic reports on Pyro developer on

photo.net, I decided to give it a try in a really difficult lighting

situation. This is a HP5+ negative, 6x7 cm, rated 320 ASA, 15 min in

PMK at 68F, near-continuous agitation. This film/developer combi does

well with the backlight, there is still structure in the highlights

and the shadows are not blocked. This also demonstrates the

exceptional quality of the Mamiya 7 / 43mm.

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