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Nice work. For my taste DOF could be better but this is just my opinion. I did not rate.
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I think you've got about the right amount of DOF for this kind of shot; the problem I see is that the focal plane is about a millimeter in front of the pupil.


Also, this kind of shot is really about the reflections in the eye -- that's your stage and your canvas. You at least need a more interesting main catchlight and to get rid of whatever's causing that pale blue reflection at about 10:00. There're some other stray lights, as well -- noon and 3:00 of the pupil, some more of the blue whatever-it-is just above the main catchlight.


Hmmm...I also want some more light on the inside corner of the eye, to lighten the whites there.


Lastly, you might want to try different perspectives left-to-right. It looks like you're positioned a bit to the model's right and that she's not quite looking straight into the lens.





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Thanks for the feedback. Ben, I think you are quite right. This is first time I tried the extreme close up and I was using a 2.8 macro lens for the first time and did not undestand how short the DoF would be. Nor did I realise how precise your fopcussing has to be.


I will also keep your thoughts about reflections and corner lighting in mind for future shots.


Thank you.



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