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© Copyright 2009 Ryan Aldrich/Aldrich Imaging

Bubble Chaser


60mm, f/4.2, 1/2000 sec., ISO 400. Custom toning and cropping in Lightroom 1.4.


© Copyright 2009 Ryan Aldrich/Aldrich Imaging

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From a recent outdoor shoot. I'm looking for opinions on the tonal

effects I've used on this image and the overall "moment." Does it work

for you? Why or why not? As always, any other constructive

comments, positive and negative, are welcome and appreciated. Thanks!



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opinions on the tonal effects I've used on this image and the overall "moment." Does it work for you? Why or why not?


the tonal effects are perfect... the moment, no, because of the corner sort of jutting out of his head which means you were off by perhaps a millisecond... it works well enough for me as a good shot if not a great one... it would have been better if his left leg hadn't disappeared into neverland... i like the top bubble, if you had waited that millisecond you would possibly have missed having the lower one; i don't think it would have been a great loss... one final suggestion: you could consider a small crop at the top trimming off the dark window

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Thank you, Rajat. I too am distracted with the corner of the deck, but only slightly...the main focus is on the bubble. I could not come up with a way to eliminate the deck corner without it being apparent that it's supposed to be there, if you get what I mean...then again, I could take another look at it...it's always good to look a good week or two later to see if I missed something.


This was one tough kid to catch...there were many shots that were off by more than a few milliseconds!


I am short of time right now, about to take off for a few hours, but I will have time either tonight or tomorrow to try the suggested crop.


Thanks again!



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I think I like this shot more than the portrait. This is a wonderful look at childhood abandon. I like how the light is hitting him. Nice Work!
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Tones are ok, the moment is not 100% perfect; there is more than a hint of what you are suggesting, the photo actually conveys the idea of the child's oblivion during play, but the closed eyes don't work for me, as they introduce an element of detchment between the child ant the bubble. But I'm sure you have more shots of that day.
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