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© Copyright 2009 Ryan Aldrich/Aldrich Imaging


50mm, f/4, 1/200 sec., ISO 100.


© Copyright 2009 Ryan Aldrich/Aldrich Imaging
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This model was quite serious and I mostly wanted to bring that out.

What works for you in this image?


As always, constructive comments, positive and negative, are welcome

and appreciated. Constructive comments help us all improve. Thanks for




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I like the smile and the short lighting. I also like her hair both in her eye and falling over her shoulder. The arms crossed tight like this are too defensive for this kind of portrait. There are other ways to have both arms across her body without having them in this position. It takes away from the mood.
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I like this contrast to the other serious pictures. Her expression and posture look very natural and I think they work well here. I think I would try to darken her shirt in this one. I like that even though her bangs come down over her eye they do not cover her eye. Nice Shot!
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I like this portrait, the lighting is very good (I especially like the shadows on the right, it makes for a more interesting photo). The hair and face is sufficiently lit. I thought the blouse was a bit bright, but when I adjusted the light in my room the blouse seems to be okay. I agree with Mark on the arms. My first impression was that the arms didn't seem right. Overall a very good shot.



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Well, she's had enough of Ryan's "seriousness"! I love her smile. Even her eyes are smiling. As a portrait I find the lighting too evenly bright. Some sort of diffused lighting...I don't know...I have no problems with her crossed arms. I can imagine her saying: Ryan, are we through?


I have no idea how much help I have been on this, Ryan. If you feel I contribute a mite, call upon me anytime, though you don't really need to. I keep track of your portfolio. All the best...

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The lighting feels too severe for the mood. Again you need a studio portrait photographer to offer more explicit advice on how to get more fill light into the shadows and tone down the brightness of the main lighting. I agree that the folded arms imply defensiveness. Your backdrop need to be ironed it looks like a crumpled bed sheet.


I like the tilt of her head and the relaxed and not too serious look. Her eyes look well lit with lots of detail without the slightly blown look we get from her shirt. Perhaps you could burn down the shirt a bit.

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First off, thanks to all for your comments so far!


The backdrop...this was a blunder on my part. I am used to using focal lengths of 70mm or more for studio shots. This creates a more shallow depth of field, which blurs the background sufficiently. This entire series was taken with the 50 1.4 AF-S. This did not do a sufficient enough job of blurring the background. I didn't think it was too distracting, but it seems otherwise here in the real world :-).



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