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© Copyright 2009 Ryan Aldrich/Aldrich Imaging



50mm, f/4, 1/200 sec., ISO 100. Slight retouching in Photoshop CS2.


© Copyright 2009 Ryan Aldrich/Aldrich Imaging

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This model was quite serious and I mostly wanted to bring that out.

What works for you in this image?


As always, constructive comments, positive and negative, are welcome

and appreciated. Constructive comments help us all improve. Thanks for




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You have definitely captured the serious mood of this subject. Her eyes seem to be guarded and at the same time sad about something she's holding back. I think you've done nicely with the skin tones here and the colors of her shirt and lipstick. On a side note I would pay some attention to your backdrop and iron it because I think the wrinkles are a distraction. This looks like an accurate portrayal of a serious girl again well done with the eyes! Well Done!
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The colors are well balance and complement this model well. You have captured the seriousness of the model as well. This is my favorite of the series.



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In bringing out her seriousness, or perhaps her serious side, totally successful. The lighting is good, the skin tones are excellent. What does not work for me is her forward-leaning posture and the imbalance of space before and behind her head. Too much space behind, too little afore. I don't think this is a 'marketing' (pardon my vocab. but can't recall the approp. word at this mo.) portrait so her grooming is immaterial. Personally, if she like her hair falling to her eyes, its fine by me. By way of an option I am uploading a copy of this. I've corrected the tilt as far as possible (mere straightening, no skewing or distortioning), slightly darkened the shadows, and reduced the saturation a tad.In doing so I've lost the top of her head but with the original...

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She does look serious and a bit severe and the somewhat hard lighting reinforces that feeling.


My biggest problem with this image is not a purely photographic issue. In this frame Kelly's head is too far forward and her shoulders are rounded , this leaves an exaggerated sense of poor posture. If she were sitting up straighter the effect would be more pleasing and she would also look even more serious. The truly serious never slouch :-)


You have done a good job of capturing this girls intensity.



Pleas bare in mind that I am not a portrait photographer and seldom work in a studio these days.There are much more qualified opinions to seek for this type of shooting.




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