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© Dimitris Vasiliou

KESTREL (Please view larger)


f4,5 1/2000 ISO200


© Dimitris Vasiliou

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A great moment captured. How the bird stares at you and the seemingly asymmetrical spread of the wings attract me some more.


Thanks for rating one of my photos.



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This is a very dynamic capture, Dimitris, but I don't believe it's a Kestrel (which is a small falcon). The colours and shape are wrong. It looks more like a buteo-type of hawk.

Cheers, Nancy

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Thank you very much Nancy however all Kestrels go under the scientific mame of Falco tinnunculus, hence you are right about the fact that it belongs to the falcon family and this is the British kestrel, is a small, chestnut brown bird of prey that is frequently seen hovering over grassland. The hooked bill is a bluish colour with yellow cere.It has a length of 10-14'' My attached photos are of exactly the same bird that I posted. I hope that answers the question of identification. Warmest regards,Dimitris.

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Hi again Dimitris. First I want to thank you for coming over and leaving such a nice message about my portfolio. I am starting to enjoy the discussion about the birds!! I would completely agree that the bird on the right (in the two-part photo above) is a Eurasian Kestrel, Falco tinnunculus. I can see the "tear" marks coming down from each eye. However, the bird on the left and the one in your posted photo, top, I still have questions about. It appears to be a completely different species than the Kestrel. In fact, the size of the bird alone, as it is perched on the man's arm, argues against it. I hope you don't mind; I sense you are a birder, as am I, and that you aren't taking this the wrong way!

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...and here is another photo of the Eurasian Kestrel. However, without my field guides, I can't tell what your bird is.

Cheers, Nancy

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