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Boat Landings 2


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This is without a doubt one of your more artistic compositions! Elegant and painterly! I absolutely love the composition and the exposure. I would be incredibly tempted to crop down from the top and remove about 2/3rds of the sky, creating a square format image. Hold up a sheet of paper and mask the sky and you'll see that the suggested composition just sings. Your processing is just spot-on, my friend. Excellent work, Rich; this really is one of your strongest images! Cheers! Chris
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Looking at photos like this is what inspires me to learn more about technique and compostion. Beautiful work. Trying to analyze what is good here (so I can learn and "steal"), I notice the wood has strong textures, and of course as you get out to the horizon, the textures of the surroundings are softer.


Your timing in lighting was perfect for the shot. There may be times when this sky has richer colors, but not better for this subject.


I know conventional wisdom is to crop out more sky, but I think the strength of the lower half of the frame needs some counter balance with that open sky. I would keep it as is.

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Artistic, beautiful detail, well composed, great colors. Into my favorites it goes. System only would let me rate it a 6/6 but really deserves a 7/7. I wouldn't change a thing. Compliments.-Jim
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Great shot! IMO it is a tad on the soft side, maybe that was what you were going for, I'm not sure. The softess and warm colors do add a pastel/painted feel to it though.


Great image Richard.





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This is lovely!


I'm glad I stumbled on your work!

I like that this has a slightly dreamy feel.


Well done indeed!




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Great composition Richard...the low viewpoint that you give us makes this rowing-boat seem to go on for ever into the frame! Excellent lighting and mood also..Congrats.
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Richard, long time ... I've been away on other projects for quite a few months and haven't been able to check in. I saw this image in your "new" file and had to drop a note of commendation. I agree pretty much 100% with what Chris H said above. A remarkable job with the forefront subject. Very beautiful textures on the canoe wood and the light bronze tint in the sky offers a splendid complement. I also agree that the sky could stand a trim, which ... as Chris noted ... will only make this canoe a more powerful subject in your image.
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Lovely composition!! Beautiful colours and depth!!


Best regards,


Vamsi Krishna

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