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Findhorn Dreams

ian cameron

I had the pleasure of instucting a group of keen photographers on an outing associated with a four week course at the Moray Arts Centre in Findhorn we were treated to a very pleasant sunset and slowly the group melted away when the evening chill took hold. The colours became an outrageous blend of deep blue from the twilight sky above and deep crimson red which I managed to partially reflect in the drainage lines of a tidepool and the snaking "S" of a drainage stream.NEW!! Photographic Courses at TRANSIENT LIGHT.


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The last vestiges of a summer sunset over Findhorn and that magical

period where indigo twilight blends with crimson. I used a 4 stop ND in

conjunction with a polariser and a 2 stop hard ND grad to realise a 90

second exposure which in turn helped to staurate the existing colours

and allow them to permeate the whole image.

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