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Spanish Tango


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I'm puzzled by the name of this. There's bullfighting, and what might be Flamenco, but I don't see any tango. The countries where tango developed, Argentina and Uruguay, don't have bullfighting. They don't allow it. Tango is not characteristic of Spain.
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Cheers Hector.

I did not label this in a sense that the name fit the picture to a tee; it was more the feeling of the picture then the origin. The Bullfighting is like the walking movements that dominate Tango while the Flamenco displays the intricate footwork of Tango through its powerful yet graceful execution. These passionate artforms come together to form somewhat of a Tango - Bullfighting and Flamenco, as one. (be it the fighter & the bull or the dancer & her music - both pictures display leading. Fighter to bull / Music to woman). I don't know much about dancing but the Tango seems to resemble the Paso Doble which is said to emulate bullfighting and the Tango is like the Flamenco danced in embrace.


I hope this helps explain my madness & I hope I did not offend.

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