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Thanks for commenting. You are right about the sun. I did try to shade it to some degree with my hand cupped around the lens. I wanted to capture the way the sun illuminated the sunflower leaves, it was so beautiful. I want to get a filter, poleroid I think, to help improve this sort of shot. I hope that will be an improvement. I am still trying to educate myself, often by trial and error. Any advice you have will be appreciated.


All the best.

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Linda, I love this composition with the converging diagonals pulling through the photo. A polarizer works wonders for sunlit shots like this because it'll significantly reduce all the reflections off the leaves and deepen the colors of the sky and fields. It's also great for taking pictures of water and windows. Anyhow, my two cents. As is, this is a pretty, well-composed shot.
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Thanks so much for the feedback about a Poleroid filter. I really appreciate advice like this. I am fortunate to have beautiful scenery all around me, I don't have to do much more than point and shoot. I really want to improve and go to the next level. Warm regards.

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Along with a filter, I really would go out at various times of the day and experience the magic of different natural lighting situations. When the light is lower in the sky, it works wonders on all kinds of images, especially nature and flowers. The shadows cast become magical, the color and quality of light softens and sweetens. This is a very nicely layered image, with foreground, middle ground, strong mountain and distant sky. In my opinion your foreground and midground look quite real and natural (although the sun is indeed strong) but your mountain and sky look a little artificial, a little too saturated, I believe. A more subdued and softer lighting situation will create an even better feeling than this photo already has.
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"When the light is lower in the sky, it works wonders on all kinds of images, especially nature and flowers. The shadows cast become magical, the color and quality of light softens and sweetens."


There's nothing like another perspective to help one along the way.

Thanks so much for that advice. I really appreciate it and I will try it.


I know what you mean about softer and subdued light. You are right and I love it. Where we live, in a semi-desert in western Canada, there is a lot of bright sunshine, day after day. It is similar to Arizona. It defines where we live "The Sunny Okanogan" We are in the northern part of the Okanogan, actually called the "Thompson Okanogan".


This was taken about 4:30 in the afternoon. The mountains were darker in the original, I dodged a bit to give them shape, I didn't add saturation. It's just the high contrast from the super bright sun. I have tried the "desaturation" tool with some images, experimenting. Perhaps I should try that here.


Thanks again for taking the time to give me some helpful advice.


Warm regards,



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I sure do love the fencing and the sunflowers really screams country to me. The rich green evergreens and that blue sky really sing as well. This is just beautiful country.
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Thanks for looking and commenting. I am lucky to live in a place where I just step out the door to see beautiful landscape.

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