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Last night's eclipse


A somewhat stretched background sky, otherwise light color enhancement.

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Very nice shot.Good composition . What was your shutter speed / ISO ? I found that with any shutter speed more than 1 sec ,the moon moved too much. (I was using a 500mm f4 with a 1.4 converter.)
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Great Shot! I struggled to get anything notable last night. I was using ISO800, MF, f/6.3 @ 500mm, 1.0s for my exposures. What were other people using?

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Thanks for the comments and the photo! My shot is 2 seconds at ISO800, f/5.6, 300 mm x XTi factor of 1.6 = 480mm. That was about as long as I could go without star trails. Yes, that would be too long for 500 x 1.4 mm. I had no trouble picking up the background stars, which I brought out using curves.



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