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the sound of silence


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Carrasqueira near Setúbal, Portugal. It's a fisherman's port. Here

you can really ear the sound of silence and lots of birds. It's a

place for contemplation.

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The photographer has captured a wonderful moment and presented good elements and style.


This, however, is not a travel pic, a commercial pic, or a Mary Ellen Mark moment. It is artwork. It needs further improvement.


The sky needs embellishment. The flotsam in the water should be removed. I cannot help but believe the image has been improved through saturation and exposure already. Don't stop with the amateur improvements. Go for the gusto.


Burn down some corners, and introduce a little "vibe" in the background to slap the eye back to the saturated hull.


The breakwater on the left is an interesting component, but there is nothing else to occupy the viewer over there. There is much wasted space. Perhaps a bit of cropping could minimize that.


The placid moment is not fully conveyed with the minimal "open space" on the left. There needs to be much much more "open" to accomplish that. Given that, the space does not succeed fully in the task of "calming" the viewer.


All this may sound very negative, but it is not. A critique is meant to offer both sides of a review. These are picky little points that, aggregated and acted upon, would improve the image. It is still very nice.



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