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Thanks for the kind comments. This was taken underneath a huge Chicago scupture named Cloud Gate completed in 2005. The camera was pointing straight up to the curved, reflective ceiling. See my other photo of Cloud Gate. As tourists take maybe one comparable picture per minute (?) of the artwork, I would rate the originality low ;-)
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This is very interesting. I found myslef looking at it for a while, analyzing it as a whole. That's such a good quality for a photo to have...something that grips you in....I think you did this remarkably well here!
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Your 7/7 rating is IMO overated, Daily. Firstly, the aestetics are largely thanks to the artist who created the object (sculpture) - so how much credit can go to the photoprapher? This is a philosophical point that does worry me sometimes (yes, I read your bio): when does the photographer add value to capturing something that is already beautiful (model, artwork, or nature)?

Secondly, this particular (new) sculpture is constantly being photographed. About 95% of the pictures are taken of the outside (a chrome bean fit for a giant). But, as a visitor, you will always find someone beneath the artwork taking a picture similar to mine. Yes, my camera and technical grasp of the camera is better than the average tourist (and I took the trouble of passing it through DxO and adding a frame), but how can a picture be original if 1 person/minute (0.3 MPerson/year) notices the same "photo opportunity" (albeit often by seeing the previous photographer)?

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Elementary thoughts, Peter. I always react on the result, (what includes that comments added to the picture about the sense or the "history of origin" e. g. I never read :-)) and London Bridge isnt a priori less original. Actually I am very reserved concerning the "air-ticket-photography" what means that additionally to the camera (bundle?) you have to buy a ticket to reach an untouched area or tribe for creating a rare average shot.


BTW: "the aestetics are largely thanks to the artist who created the object (sculpture)"

Most nude photographers forget to thank God for every single curve he created :-))

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