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My dog's pawn mark in the snow beside my 'army boot' mark, we're

walking the same path in life (saying it lightly;), should i try some

frames around it? some ideas for other alternations? thanx for

watching! Peaceful christmas to ya who have that opportunity.. & Peace

to the world, don't knee for the war pigs!

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I need lessons in framing myself so I will just comment on the image. I think it's wonderful - it should be hanging in your home. Fantastic image!
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Great idea, clever and amusing at the same time. Perhaps you should have used your left boot so it looks as if your walking at the same time. Nevertheless, very nice photo. A white frame i think would really set it off.
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Great shot! I like the idea a lot and you have executed it beautifully. Happy Holidays and keep on shooting. I'm interested to see what other things you will do. :-)


PS - thanks for the comments on my pic. I have tried it in b&w, but felt it lost something that way. Maybe I'll post it anyway and see what other people like best.

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For your kind comments & rates. Definitly going to get nice print out of this one and frame it, and it gets a good place in my humble & small flat. Maybe i even post some shoots about my 'apartment' then & before? I've taken some shoots to documentary reasons you know! I live in a 100-year old wooden house, wich has by that, history behind it so i'm very happy to live here, it can get bloody cold in wintertime, but i definitly feel that i can 'breath' better in here than in flat of houses. More soul too! The whole area of Port Arthur in Turku (wich i live) is 'protected' so if somebody wants to do some repairing etc. there's strick laws what can you do or not. That's great beacause we humans are destroying too much our cultural history anyway, so nice that something is left for the coming generations, and us too of couse!

Have a very nice holidays & take care!


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