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© This image may not be reproduced in any manner without the written permission of the photographer

On the Road in Tunisia



© This image may not be reproduced in any manner without the written permission of the photographer

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No offense, Syrus, but I just intended to say that the originality of this picture was just about the inverted rule of composition "from the left to the right"! Not only because it opposes the rule, there is a meaning in that opposing. The way as it is we can see the same centre of attention, but the roles of the two are changed if you flip it horizontally as you did! This way the roles are equally important and we look to the main little subject as well as to the background, the environment. On your picture, using the peculiar psychological phenomena on which that rule was based, we have only one centre of attention and forced to neglect the background!


So much philosophy for one day, ha! It was just my contemplative contribution to the roots of the composition rules and the way how to avoid the rule and achieve something else!


Cheers to that!

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Thanks to both of you for your comments. I only prefer the original because that was the scene as I saw it. Although I do follow some of the "rules" of photography, I am a firm believer that some rules were made to be broken. Thanks again for taking the time.
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With all due respect my friend, why do you have to make this so contentions and confrontational? if you read my comment correctly "nice light and I like the composition too but this way for me. Regards.", it clearly states that it workers better FOR ME, not for you or any other visitor, right? After all, this is supposed to be a personal view and NOT a dictated statement like yours.



I understand why like it better the other way and that is perfectly fine with me. You were asking for personal feedback and you got it.


I also DO UNDERSTAND your desire and proclivity to break the rules. In fact, I believe once one understands the rules, one should break them as often as possible, if that help creates an image one prefers.


Best regards.



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