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Every night, she...

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fantastic! i love this! the contrast in colours work really well and the extra texture given to the girl's dress adds an extra dimension. Great work, hope to see more of this.


cheers michael

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I don't know, I find this very sad. Its beautifully done from graphical perspective, but as a concept it evokes very dangerous, or shall I say troubling thoughts...
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An image with many interpretations :), I like it very much, I find a music feeling in your images going into its aesthetics. Nice
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Cool Hekate... It looks like a painting... Very dreamy, bit dark, but interesting image... Makes me curious and want to know more of the story... :-)
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Michael, Baerbel, VI P, Nour Eddine, Manuel, Bianca, Sophia, thank you !



Manuel : Somehow, a certain music is what I tried to achieve. Like atmosphere/mood, music just grabs you...



Bianca : the story is in our subconscious :)


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I'm writing a fantasy novel for grownups. A little funny, a little surreal, a little like a classic fantasy from the 40s. There is a scene under a destroyed New York City with some sad ghosties...
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The story I can imagen when I look to this picture isn't really cool, Hekate. At least not in my opinion. The picture is cool and how..... This is absolutely fabulous and stunning work!!! It blows me down.


Best Regards, Ada.



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Thank you for your answer. This sounds really intriguing, like something I would love to read ! (I'm very interested in literature, as I want to become a teacher) I'm sure it's going to be a successful novel. I wish you a lot of inspiration !
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Thank you so much for stopping by and for the nice comment. I'm glad my picture "speaks"...



:) Cristina

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I once had a similar image, only it was a man, he had a picture-frame except for the head and a bird was sitting in the frame. The man was lead by a dog whose neck was decorated with a pink balloon with a smiling face drawn on it. There were clouds and a road with strange shadows. It was called 'Depression'. Here, the red 'spot' surrounded by somewhat grey, seems to cry. I'm not sure for what this cry is, but there certainly is a message.. And I spent some time studying the details, I like the shining thing in her hand. rather disturbing, in a good way. Cheers!
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Thank you, Katja ! :)



PS : I would like to see that image too, with the man & the dog, it's not in your portfolio.

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thank you, I like the fact that the man looks like a marionette (I can see some lines/strings there); in fact, it's not a man, but his clothes. Well, I guess the man in your picture and the lady in mine should definitely meet :)) LOL :)) They would make such a strange couple :)) He also has an umbrella and in my photo it's raining !! :)) ... cheers ! :)
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Cristina , Very enigmatic creation, the central position and the window above the body, the choice of colours and textures... so original.


I am very honored by your comments. You are a very talented lady and yes, you should write novels as your usage of language is as good as the visual art you are showing us.. greetings from Holland , Jana

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