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Hello Megan!


A very nice picture. Delicate light and subject. Interresting DOF.


In my very humble opinion, the "balance of masses" could be worked a bit though. I've attached a version in which I have cropped the image to take out the small thing on the low right corner and to balance the negative space with the subject. It is a matter of feeling. I just wanted to share my thoughts...


Best regards,




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Thanks for commenting. It is greatly appreciated. I don't have PS at the moment, so I haven't really been playing with my photos much. Thanks for taking the iniciative to work on it :). I really like your version. Makes it seem so much 'cleaner'.



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Megan, you mention you dont have PS.


I may be a martian on this planet, but I've always been against piracy.Because of this, I've been looking hard, for years, for softwares I can use -and



Do you know the software called The Gimp. It is a powerfull soft to edit pictures. And it is FREE. You can find it on WWW.GIMP.ORG it works on linux,

windows, and supposedly on mac. I've been using it for years.


Now I use paint-shop-pro wich cost far less than PS and does a great job. And accepts PS filters.


Best regards






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I tried downloading GIMP, but for some reason, it wouldn't download properly. I will try it again though. Thanks for the advice. Megan

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