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This a beautifully pleasing image, the light was soft and full and just perfect. Somehow the idea of "3" came out again here, with the 3 structures. I would however consider some less sky above, maybe a crop of half the sky will do this photo great justice. Well done. JH
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Mmmm, so this is what happens when one alters something good? If one HAD to crop, I would say the green grass border in front should go. That would strengthen the idea of timeliness and never-ending space. But, then the effect of the TWO green borders would be lost, which now complement each other, whilst emphasising the feeling of loneliness. So why crop, JH?
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Perfect crop :-)


Arnold asked: why crop? It is a justified question, and I hope I can offer a meaningful answer for the benefit of Megan.


I suppose the obvious reason would be to adhere to a certain extent to the "rule of thirds". In terms of this rule, you would normally place the horison at the lower third or higher third of the frame, not dead centre in the middle. I am however, the last one that swears by this rule under all circumstances.


The reason why I think it is appropriate in this instance, lies in the three structures. Look careful - it is actually brilliantly displayed in this image. The two sheds on the left have their entrance doors facing towards us, the one on the right not. The two doors on the sheds look like eyes, and are looking at the viewer. By cropping the sky, Megan created the feeling of the sheds as part of the setting, looking "down" at the viewer, therefore enhancing the intensity of the majestic godly light she managed to capture.


I hope this qualify as an attempt to an explanantion on why I would prefer a crop.




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I still do not agree with JH (the cropped photo looks 'pressured' or 'boxed' in). But, hey, who am I to speak, I am the guy with the 3/3 snapshot pix.
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Thank-you both for the comments. I can see where you are both coming from. I guess it is just whatever your personal opinion is.



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I really like this Megan. I however agree it needs a bit of a crop. It also looks a bit soft to my eye but overall very good.
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